Yohann Brultey

Yohann BrulteyYohann Brultey teaches British and American literature and creative writing to 13 to 19-year-old students at Colegio Columbia, a bilingual school in Mexico City, overseeing a team of English teachers, the curriculum, and multidisciplinary research projects as Academic Supervisor for the English department. He holds a PhD in American literature from the University of Versailles, France, studied for three years as a research scholar at Georgia State University, and served as delegate of the Institute of the Americas, founding the IdA’s South Atlantic Center. His dissertation, “Towards a Reconfiguration of the Literature of Southern United States: The Integration of Authors of Latin Origin,” focused on the work of Judith Ortiz Cofer, among others. His current research interests include contemporary American literature, history of the Americas, identity in the Americas, North/South cultural interactions, literature of migrants, globalization of the American continents, literary and cultural contacts between Mexico and the United States, hybridization of languages (particularly English and Spanish), redefinition of cultural and intellectual maps of the Americas in the 21th century, and transnational political issues.